September 26, 2017

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September 26, 2017

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In the beginning there was time

February 5, 2017


Like most people I’ve been thinking about blogging. Being an artist and not so much of a writer, I finally drummed up the courage to give it a try. The big question was, what should I blog about? So here I go.


​​I migrated to Austria for love and found myself with quite some challenges. Not only was the German language a task but at my age, I had to reinvent myself to be relevant in this new environment.

Having being independent and self sufficient for the better part of 20 years, I found it difficult to think otherwise and so decided to concentrate on what I was passionate about — my painting. With true Bevil determination and visiting quite some galleries rejections came one after another until one day Spirit led me to this esoteric shop. After accepting a couple small pieces for sale, the owner referred me to a new gallery whose interest was primarily art depicting joy and light, which was right up my alley. I found myself at the gallery and had quite a successful exhibition thereafter.


The seed which was planted resulted in me having a renewed vision of my newly adopted home hopefully with other possibilities.


This drastic change of lifestyle afforded me a lot of free time which I then diverted to contemplation and so revisited my 30 year old meditation practice which, over the years, was quite sporadic. 

I resumed my meditation, picked up some kitchen skills while working in two different restaurants spanning at least three years.



During this time I continued painting and decided to teach myself the art of wire wrapped jewellery, after all it can be considered an extension of my artistic side. It turned out to be more difficult than I imagined and realised that I had to develop patience. This led to some disappointment as I was not impressed with my results. So what did I do, boxed everything away.


Fast forward a couple years and an old friend came to visit from the sunny Caribbean, she decided we must go somewhere new, a place we’ve never visited, the decision was Venice. So off we went, my girlfriend, my partner and I. We had a blast catching up, playing tourist and absorbing as much as possible of this old, charming and romantic city. It was the glass work and factories that really impressed me, and I bought quite a quantity of glass beads, thinking to myself, this might just be what I need to give the jewellery another try.

Back at my apartment after the trip I pulled out the hidden box of jewellery to show my friend. She was overwhelmed by the pieces and actually bought a few of what I thought were rejects.

This was indeed an encouragement and so gave birth to byam design.



Prior to the Venice trip I did enrol in a study of Metaphysical Science and Practical Mysticism, spurred by my increasing spiritual search and wanting to fully understand the nature of reality and the human experience. This turned out to be the missing piece of my life puzzle. These studies led to a transformation which undoubtedly has left me revitalised with a fresh vision and purpose. Now there is no turning back.


So in conclusion, aside from starting this blog as a tool to promote my website, it is also an avenue for me to express myself as I continue the journey with Spirit, a journey which I think can be useful to those on the same path and possibly entice others.

Welcome to my world, the journey and experiences.

One Love!

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September 26, 2017

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