September 26, 2017

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Being You

September 26, 2017

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Working, paying bills and waiting to die

February 7, 2017

 Working, paying bills and waiting to die comes at a price, one which leaves humanity less  human and more vegetable.

For years I’ve found the education system obsolete and irrelevant in many ways, where “stuff” that has been taught for years is still been regurgitated today, seems like fitting a square peg in a round hole.


This is not the forum for developing and outlining a relevant education system, however we are living out the drama that the outdated system has rewarded us. Soulless beings leading the soulless into oblivion in the wake of religious wars, greed, lack of respect for life, etc.


Back to basics 101 is probably the way for reforming, rebuilding, reeducating and redefining our purpose. This starts with accepting that one is first and foremost a spiritual being having a human experience, Here lies the foundation for renewed education.

This fact cannot be emphasised more since this is truly who we are, what ever comes after is just the perks, the icing on the cake.


I recently read an article where someone commented on the fact that Millennials should understand that they cannot be all that they want to be, referencing that this is not at all how things work…. Really? 

Being elements of the Creative Principle we possess the same qualities, creativity, power of mind and manifestation possibilities. Arriving at this level of thinking requires revamping thought processes, willingness to reject some aspects of ourselves and embracing our feelings and emotions. This work does not come easily as it involves changing habits, oh boy, these habits, the false perception that makes us feel so great and comfortable in this bag of skin and bones. The same habits which result in our becoming vegetables of regret, pain and suffering.


The John Doe’s we assume ourselves to be has nothing to do with the I, AM, that we truly are. Small but powerful, these two words are of the highest vibration and resonates within us at the very seat of our soul. Being made in Its image and likeness should be considered at a spiritual as opposed to a corporeal level. A cup of water from the ocean has all the elements of the entire ocean, therefore as sparks of the Creative Principle it is up to us to dig within and explore all our possibilities.

The disconnect which we are faced with at birth IS the purpose of our existence in this low vibrational life-form. This journey of reconnection IS the education  system. Understanding the relationship of mind, body and soul is the key. Balance and unification of these three at a deeper level would reward us with an earth of peaceful and loving beings.


Working, paying bills and waiting to die can become, playing, giving selflessly and returning to ultimate source and that is an awesome reward.


One Love.

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September 26, 2017

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