September 26, 2017

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Being You

September 26, 2017

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Being You

September 26, 2017


Be You, Just Be Yourself …


We’ve heard this all too often, however, being yourself is far more challenging than we imagine. 

Some people may associate themselves with a name, a profession or anything perceived from external circumstances; but is that truly who I, AM. Who or what really is the authentic you, that is the question. It isn’t something tangible that you can have, but a state of conscious living.


The authentic self operates from that space in our consciousness which connects with the ultimate Universal Energy, and is driven by:


Well grounded emotions

Strong sense of purpose

Non-limiting beliefs



It is the essence of consciousness implanted in us waiting to be embraced and be expressive through us.

Unfortunately for some this essence becomes obscured and requires some alchemy to rediscover its magnificence. Imagine an object sitting unattended for a long period of time, eventually it will be covered by layers and layers of dust to the point where the splendour of the object is no longer visible. So too are we covered in layers and layers thereby creating our perception of the world and who we are. Cultural and social influences along with our experiences contribute to the development of these masking layers which leads to the creation of ones personality. The feeling of what others may say and the overwhelming state of being self conscious also inhibits the possibility of the authentic self shining through.


Rediscovering and living your authentic self is a journey of self examination and self renewal, it involves facing your demons and sorting these out step by step. This process is very often fiercely interrupted by the conscious mind which relates better to habits and old emotions — the comfort zone.

Habits are old memories, reinforced by repetition which are then engrained in our subconscious mind and become automatic responses. Upon closer observation we see, that in the case of an old habit, the body, which is familiar and comfortable with the associated emotion, is actually the one in control. The aim of this self discovery is for the mind to reclaim the control of the body and not the other way around.


Early on in the process of rejuvenation you must have moral clarity, as this is a key ingredient in reformation.

It is often quite helpful to revisit your childhood passions at least for a sense of direction. Revisit the highlights of your life so far, and again look for patterns of similarity, this can help in identifying your purpose. With this done, then begins the work of self examination through self awareness.


This practice of self-awareness focuses on bodily sensations, pay attention to your emotions for this is the compass on your adventure. Examine and question your emotions as they relate to your mood. 

Question all that you do and see whether they relate to your deepest feelings. Those no longer serving a meaningful purpose and not aligned with your morals and what you want for yourself should be cast aside.This results in a better understanding of one’s self  as a BEing.

As this self-cleansing process continues so too will your mode of expression change. Ones perception of the world alters, giving clarity as this journey of authentic self expression evolves from the inside out.


One Love.

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September 26, 2017

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